We Must Understand the Vision
that has been given to the People
for the Safety of the Future Generations
                                               - CHIEF LEONARD CROW DOG

   July 29 - August 5, 2012
     Rosebud, South Dakota

"Tomorrow we are going to begin the Sun Dance.  You need to get your sacred pipe and all your other instruments ready.  Those of you who have a particular life style, we are going to break that life style so you can move in new ways.  Your prayers are going to take you to a new life.  Remember what you are here for.  We are here to be Wakan.  If you want to be Wakan, you have to act that way otherwise you will never get there.  See that Tipi.  See that lodge. They are doorways.  Not every lodge or every Tipi has a doorknob that you can open. It is the Native American people who have the keys that open those doorways and that will take you to a good new life."  

Leonard Crow Dog, also known as Swnkacang, is a Sicangu Lakota medicine man and spiritual leader who became well-known during the takeover of Wounded Knee in 1972 and after publishing a self-titled book with Richard Erdoes. As a leader of peyote ceremonies of the Native American Church and as a pan-Indian political activist he has sought to unify Indian people of all nations. He is a practitioner of traditional herbal medicine and is also dedicated to keeping Lakota traditions alive. Swnkacang is Chief of Chiefs of the Sun Dance at Crow Dog's Paradise at Rosebud Lakota territory, the most important and largest traditional Native American Sun Dance Ceremony.